title: CD SAOFS Jesús María


Live a unique experience to grow as a person and athlete. Going abroad means leaving the comfort zone, overcoming the language barrier and meeting people from different countries and cultures, an experience that provides extraordinary cultural and personal enrichment, an experience that helps to socialize, mature, make your own decisions and In short, to develop a personality that will help you in the future.

- An educational experience in which you will get to know other languages and cultures.

- A soccer experience that will instill healthy habits and the values of sport.

- A life experience that will allow you to improve your confidence, responsibility and social skills.

- And most importantly ... you will have your opportunity of being a professional footballer


The weekly training plan is designed by our technical team and is characterized by being flexible and adaptable to the daily needs of each player. The weekly plan is made up of collective and individualized training; on the soccer field, in the gym, in the theoretical training classroom, in the classroom for video analysis and training for recovery, prevention and functional rehabilitation.


Food is a fundamental element that has a direct impact on player performance. Our Nutritional Plan provides the correct energy supply and quantity of nutrients to maintain health and adequate physical condition, in order to obtain high sports performance. 

METODOLOGY: An effective methodology made up of a comprehensive service based on technical - tactical, physical, psychological and nutritional aspects, where performance is increased and enhanced with training adapted to each player.

Upon arrival at our facilities, the player's health, physical and psychological state is assessed in order to correctly plan his program at the International team.

The different areas focus on the detailed study of the characteristics and analysis of each player to achieve their highest level in competition and to create a specific and individualized program.


The accommodation is close to the training facilities and covers the needs that help you feel at home.

The rooms have everything necessary for the player to rest and carry out their study activities. In order for the day to be productive, the rest hours are established and defined.

The established rules favor the player to be responsible, independent and organized, at the same time that it helps a social interaction that encourages camaraderie.


Age: From the age of 16

Periods : 2 to 10 months. 

It includes :
- Full board:  Accommodation - 5 meals a day - Laundry service

- Service tutors. 

- Health insurance.

- Transport- Transfers of arrivals and departures. - Transport sports facilities. - 24 hour service Training sessions. 

- Sports Program- Individual and collective sessions.

- Official and friendly matches. 

- Soccer clothing kit. 

- Custom player report.

- Managing Services

- Scouted by professional teams

- Try-outs in semi-professional teams

- Gym / Physiotherapist / Massage

- Spanish Classes

Price : 2,500 € per month.

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